About Compassionate Enquiry

Compassionate Inquiry is a powerful therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté, a renowned physician and addiction expert. This innovative method combines elements of traditional psychotherapy, mindfulness, and somatic experiencing to explore and heal the root causes of emotional pain and suffering.

At its core, Compassionate Inquiry seeks to create a safe and compassionate space for individuals to delve deeply into their core beliefs, childhood experiences, and unresolved traumas. The primary focus is on uncovering the underlying emotions, beliefs, and patterns that drive destructive behaviors, addictions, and self-sabotaging tendencies.

During a Compassionate Inquiry session, the client is guided through a process of gentle inquiry, using curiosity and empathy to explore the deeper layers of their psyche. The therapist helps the client connect with their emotional experiences in a compassionate and non-judgmental way, fostering self-awareness and understanding.

Compassionate Inquiry Therapy is suitable for individuals seeking to explore and resolve a wide range of issues, including trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, and self-esteem issues.

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