About Greta Hannigan

Gretta has been nurturing and caring for people most of her life and has channelled her efforts through Reflexology and Reiki in recent years. Qualifying as a Reflexologist and Reiki Master from the Tipperary School of Classical Reflexology. She is a member of the IRIL and is affiliated with all major Insurance Companies.

Gretta's strong points are in helping you find relief from stress to chronic or acute conditions. She has the ability to make her clients feel safe and cared for with her intuitive holistic approach to encourage the physical and emotional needs of each individual client to instigate the self-healing process.

Gretta also guides couples on their Fertility journey and aids in the pregnancy with Maternity Reflexology with great success. Another fantastic tool in her tool box is Scar Tissue Work, bringing tissues back home. Helping the appearance of scars of any kind from after surgery to burns.

To book an appointment with Gretta contact her on 087-2595329
Therapies: Reiki, Reflexology, Scar Tissue Work
Availability: Tuesday

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