About Chinese Cupping

Cupping evolved thousands of years ago from shamanistic practices where it was believed that illnesses can be sucked out of the body. In China cupping was established as an official therapeutic practice in the 1950’s. In recent years cupping has grown in popularity and has been promoted by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston and athlete Michael Phelps.

During a cupping session glass cups and/or bamboo jars are used. A flame is used to create a suction in the cup and the cup is then placed on the skin. Once a suction is created the cups may be left in place – stationary cupping, or they may be moved across the skin – gliding cupping, or they may be taken off the skin and put back on again – flash cupping.

The suction created causes the skin and superficial muscle layers to be drawn into the cup, which is the reverse of the pressure applied during massage. This suction created by the cup encourages blood flow which increases circulation and may promote healing and relieve pain.

Chinese Cupping can be used for the Following:

  • Encourage Blood Flow and Increase Circulation
  • Rheumatism
  • Lung Congestion – To Relieve Congestion from a Common Cold and to Help Asthma
  • Anxiety and Fatigue
  • Relieve Aches, Pains and Stiff Muscles
Painless marks and bruises can often be the result of a cupping treatment. These marks may last up to 10 days before they fade. The colour of the marks usually change and improve with each treatment. Cupping is often combined with other therapies or can be used as a stand alone treatment.

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