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Sarah Stokes- Reiki Practitioner

My Reiki journey began in 2007 when I did my first (Reiki 1) course with Angela Gorman. Since then, I have benefitted from and enjoyed giving and receiving Reiki. I used Reiki as part of my hypno-birthing of my three sons. I use it constantly in my daily life not just with clients but with myself and my family. Reiki has helped me so much to deal with anxiety and it is a privilege to be able to help others in the same way.

Seeing how clients have responded to my 1 to 1 Reiki sessions has been inspirational.

I completed the Tera-Mai Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Judith McAdam and then opened my practice in Dublin.

I moved to Tipperary in August 2022 and opened my Clonmel practice in November.

REIKI is the ancient art of healing a person’s energy field by touch. It channels life force energy to address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. Reiki works on the mind, body, and spirit .

The beauty of Reiki is that the sessions are different each time, as the energy gives the person exactly what they need in that moment physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki is not a religion. The use of Reiki energy can be traced back in different cultures for thousands of years but was reintroduced in the late 19th century by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian Educator.

Reiki is universal life force energy and it flows through every living thing. During your session, the Reiki energy flows down through the top of my head from the universal energy source and exits from my hands . As I place my hands on a number of positions on your body, the energy moves in and around your system naturally directing itself to the source of any imbalances. Each person draws the amount of energy that they need at that time, to bring about the positive changes that they need in their life .

At the start of my sessions, I burn Palo Santo- a South American wood that has been used for thousands of years for spiritual purification and energy cleanses. It is believed to clear negative energy and restore calm and tranquillity.

To close the session, I use the singing bowl to promote relaxation and healing. I can also use the ocean wave bead drum to promote relaxation and connection with nature.

Prepare for your Reiki 1 to 1 session with Sarah:

• Please arrive on time.
• Wear comfortable clothes.
• Your 1 to1 Reiki Session will last around one hour.
• I will explain how the Reiki energy works and how it will flow through your body naturally.
• I will offer you an Oracle Card (used for daily reflection, mediation and to help develop your intuition, self-love and emotional well-being).
• I will cleanse your Chakras with Palo Santo.
• You will then have a 50 minute Reiki session on the plinth.
• Session will close with singing bowl or ocean wave bead drum sound therapy.
• When this is finished we will have a quick chat about where you have energy blocks and what we can do to help you with this .
• Drink plenty of water for a few days after the session to help flush negative emotions out of your body in a natural, physical way.

Availability: Wednesday Mornings and also on an on-call basis
Contact Sarah on: 086-0833253

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