About Ciara Hennebry

Hi, I’m Ciara, a Reiki Practitioner, Light Language Healer, and Soul Mentor. Helping you to heal, so that you can live a life of happiness and ease. I offer 1:1 Reiki and Intuitive Guidance sessions and I also offer 1:1 Light Language Healing and Activation Sessions.

It is my purpose in life to help you heal and discover your true self. So, you can live authentically and shine your light. I will help you heal, overcome fears, anxiety’s and connect fully with your higher self. So that you can the life of happiness, peace joy and abundance that your soul desires.

My Offerings:
1:1 Reiki Energy Healing Sessions and Intuitive Guidance 1 hour (€80)

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that uses the universal life force energy to balance the subtle energies within the body. It balances the body's internal levels to return to a more natural state.

During the session you will be lovingly held in a nurturing and safe space so you can truly surrender into the experience. I will locate and address blockages and imbalances in your physical body and energy body. When we make energetic adjustments within our bodies natural healing process is ignited, opening up the potential for shifts to occur. It is transformative work as the healing raises your consciousness, creates shifts in mind/body/spirit and continues to unfold far beyond the session.
During the session you will receive deep energy healing sessions and intuitive spiritual guidance and follow up support.

Benefits of Reiki
• Reduces stress • Relaxation • Aids better sleep • Improves and maintains health and wellbeing • Brings inner peace and harmony • Can balance the mind and emotions • Helps in the grieving process • Helps release trapped emotions and clear energy blocks • Pain Relief

Light Language Healing and Activation Sessions 1hour 30 mins (€160)

Light Language is the Frequency and Language of the Soul. During this session you will receive personalised light language activations. Which speak directly to your soul, upgrade your vibrational frequency and call in the highest energetic activation possible. Each session begins with a sacred ceremony, to connect to your energy, before channelling your personalised light language activation. Each session also includes a deep energetic clearing and healing .Which works on shifting energy blockages, ancestral healing, past life healing and cord cutting. ’

Ciara can be contacted on 087-3543853
Therapies: Reiki Healing
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